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Name Hibiki Kyōraku
Kanji ひびき 京楽
Race Shinigami
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Birthday October 29
Age appearence 21
Actual Age  450

Signature Skill(s)

•  Zanpakutō

Hibiki's zampaktos are all her skills that have to do with her blade turning into a chain. Since her zampakto spirit is a tiger, she is known to be a tiger tamer or the "tigress soul reaper" since she has a liking about anything that has to do with tigers.

Bankai  Tiger Claw - 虎爪 (Tora tsume)

Shikai Tiger - 虎 (Tora)

• Master swordman ship specialist

• Immense strength

• Immense speed

•  Kido Expert

• Shunpo Expert

Personality Traits Hibiki is very rough around the edges, insane, loyal, tomboyish and she is a tough gal. However, she is stubborn as a mule and has a fiery temper.

She tends to be very insecure and blames herself about what happened in her past especially about her mother being killed.

Hibiki is not a bad person, but she does have a violent side and can be mean because of the squad she used to work for and she was trained to be like that and she is only soft-hearted to a certain extent, but she is not the down-to-earth type.  

Like her former captain, she is a very violent fighter when it comes to battles and she is not very patient on people that annoy her so she is also very blunt and cold-hearted towards them and once she targets her foes she will not give up until they are dead.  

Unlike her father, she is not laid back , she does not approve of his drinking and his passion of being flirtatious of chasing women since it really irks her. That's one of the main reasons she does not hang out with her father liked she used to.

She is very judgmental when it comes to saki and people who drink saki since she really cannot stand being around people who get drunk.

Hibiki can be a jerk to her friends in her own cold-hearted and cruel way, but she means well about it even when it comes to be mean even to Shuhei and Serenity which is one of the reasons why she always gets beat up by Serenity just because of it and is always seen with a bruise the next day.

However, Hibiki doesn't mind about the bruises she gets from Serenity due to her masochistic nature.

The only person she ever had a soft side was Kaname Tosen, her one true love, but her insanity became worse after he left Soul Society.

Later on, she started to bond with her former captain Kenpachi Zaraki and he later becomes a love interest to her and started to develop strong feelings for him.

Biography Hibiki was born from Shunsui Kyōraku and a homeless peasant and when she was about five years old, her mother was killed by Aizen Sosuke himself and she has wished upon his death ever since.  That is how Hibiki became corrupt and lost her insanity and started to not get along with her father. When she turned sixteen years old she moved out of her father's barracks and moved in Squad Eleven.

Hibiki ended up training with Kenpachi Zaraki and his members and that is how she became a very skilled fighter and then one day she was later transferred into Squad Nine and received the position of being a fifth seated officer for Squad Nine.

She always had to learn to train and survive the hard way due to her stubborness and she always seemed to not listen to Kenpachi's training, but then later she got motivated by her own insanity even when she got attacked by hollows which left a large scar across her back that used to be a large gash and she almost died that day, but luckily survived.

Hibiki then decided to kill Aizen on her own, but then she actually did get her wish one day during the arancarr invasion and she got back to him for all the pain her caused her when he killed her mother even though she could never kill him herself, but then again she actually realized why she had to be trained the hard way once she moved to Squad Elven, but then she later got transferred to Squad Nine.

She fell in love with Kaname Tosen of Squad Nine and that is why she started to soften up all thanks to Tosen and what he taught her even though he betrayed Soul Society, but then sadly her insanity did become worse soon after that especially since she lost him and she did not want him to die because she was in love with him and to this day she has never forgotten him and also her heart has been shattered ever since and she prefers to have her heart remain loyal to him.

Years later after she had spent more time with Kenpachi she started to develop feelings for her former captain due to everything he taught her and being there for her. She later decided to move on even though she misses Kaname dearly, she could never help but end up have feelings for her former captain that it later became a strong bond and they ended up as a couple.

Physical Appearence

Hair Color  Auburn

Eye Color Amber

Tattoos, birtmarks, scars, etc. She has a large scar across her back from a hollow attack and another scar on her left shoulder.

Professional Status

Base of Operations 9th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society

Team/Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society, 9th Division

Occupation Fifth seated officer for the 9th Division

Previous occupation Fifth seated officer for the 11th Division

Previous partner Kaname Tosen

Partner Kenpachi Zaraki

Personal Status

Marital status Was in a relationship with Kaname Tosen

Is currently in a relationship with Kenpachi Zaraki

Family/Relatives Shunsui Kyōraku (Father)

Kasumi Kyōraku (Mother, Deceased)
Unnamed Uncle

:bulletgreen: Quotes :bulletgreen:

"I hate saki with a passion" (To Ikkaku and Iba)

"I do NOT need any damn saki to relieve my stress! There is BETTER WAYS to relieve stress!" (To her father)

"Father, you know that really annoys me!" (To her father)

"Kaname, I need to speak to you" (To Kaname Tosen)

"You do not have to leave, Kaname! I need you and I must come with you!" (To Kaname Tosen)

"Shut up, you bald idiot!" (To Ikkaku Madarame)

"Kaname, I shall be blind with you forever since I no longer want to see my past" (To Kaname Tosen)

"You got to be kidding me. I am not beautiful..."

"Kid, I don't see why Kenpachi has you has his second-in-command you are annoying" (To Yachiru Kusajishi)

"You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I do not want to lose you because you mean everything to me" (To Kaname Tosen)

"I don't trust a lot of people, but I trust you and always felt to close to you I thank everything you have done for me" (To Kenpachi Zaraki)

"Without you I don't have a heart and I don't want you to die..." (To Kaname Tosen)

"I hate you, Shuhei Hisagi! How dare you didn't give the one I love a chance to live you ruin everything!" (To Shuhei Hisagi)

"After Kaname died, it was hard for me to move on until I realized how you and I were so close and I'm glad you came back to me" (To Kenpachi Zaraki)

:bulletgreen: Notes :bulletgreen:

- Hibiki was deeply in love with Kaname Tosen and she was devastated when he left Soul Society and wanted to go with him, but he told her he did not want her to get hurt just for her safety and he did not want her to be involved.

- She holds a grudge against Shuhei Hisagi for killing Kaname Tosen

- She tends to put herself into danger and is a masochist.

- Hibiki does not really tell anyone about her past and her past is nothing she can ever recover from.

- She knows that her heart will forever be shattered especially since she really loved Tosen and wanted to be by his side all the time and he was the only one she was ever soft-hearted to and told him about her past and such.

- Hibiki does not believe in second chances and will never forgive Aizen for killing her mother and will never forgive herself for her past.

- She tends to be very insecure about herself and the only one who ever put her in her place was Kaname Tosen because he always hated it whenever she was hard on herself and always told her that she is  a beautiful woman and that she should not be so hard on herself about anything.

- Hibiki is very hard on herself over everything and is very stubborn.

- Before she got in a relationship with Kenpachi, she remained to be very stubborn to move on because it is hard for her to since she really loved Kaname Tosen a whole lot.
Bleach OC Hibiki Profile (Updated)
This is a refrence chart of one of my Bleach OCs, Hibiki Kyoraku and I decided to submit her profile to my gallery and I have a really old profile of her in one of my journal entries, but this one is an updated profile of her. Alright at first I paired her up with Kaname Tosen I just thought it would be an intresting CannonxOC pairing, but then after he died I decided to pair her with Kenpachi Zaraki. 

I claim all rights of this character
This character info is not yours to copy or submit on your gallery as your own so please DO NOT copy it and claim it as your own!

Bleach © Tite Kubo
Hibiki Kyōraku belongs to me (Serenity--Hisagi)


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Ciel x Alois forever my Kuroshitsuji OTP <3

Ciao you can just call me Serenity, Alois or Seren-chan (the "Seren-chan" part is what one of my friends call me and don't ask why they call me that I guess some people just love that Japanese nickname thing I guess) I'm not telling anybody my real name so please do not ask.

I'm a total tomboy who loves anime, roleplaying, music, the punk fashion, some video games and meeting new people even though I'm very shy, but once I get to know you I am the most random, insane person you will ever know.

I love doing CannonxOC pairings because they are so fun even though I could careless that most people are against that when it comes to fandoms, but it doesn't mean I hate a certain cannon pairing which I hate those kinds of insinuations and assumptions so much. I mean I love doing OCxOC pairings too, but I love CannonxOC too.

I love having OCs and NO my OCs don't exist because of that specific cannon and the pairing I just love having them for fun nothing less nothing more and no need to get butthurt about it.

I really could careless what people think because everyone loves to make hooplas or hating for no reason since immature people always get butthurt for many reasons I will never understand when it comes to CannonxOC or having an OC.

I really do hate Mary-Sues with a passion and yes excuse and sue me for being blunt, but that term and those kinds of poorly developed characters annoy me especially when they are recolors, tracings or rip offs from somebody else's works, etc. They are a thorn to my side because I don't believe in perfection, being the most powerful or being the most prettiest one of all.

The term Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu just annoys me and I see it to be overrated and overused.

I hate it more when really good OCs that are not poorly developed get bashed even though that's just how immature people on the internet can be. *shrugs*

I'm not a really good artist, but I try my best at it and is still trying to improve even though I get swamped a whole lot in real life.

I tend to try my best at everything and I could careless what others think because I'm NOT here on DA to impress anyone.

I really don't care if people like me or don't like me because I know the world doesn't revolve around me and I'm cool like that and that's just the way I roll.

If you want to know more about me you can talk to me by note I don't bite, but just don't mess with me because you don't want to see my "darkside" it's not very pretty then I will really bite.

Well, have a nice day~! ^_^

I :heart: Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji and Bleach

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Hello hello everyone! :wave: Well, looks like summer is coming up and it is really hot in my country right now the temperature is almost like 80 degrees and then it's been stormy. What a way for summer to start and then the pollen from the garden has been acting up like crazy that I don't even wanna go outside or do any kind of outdoor activity. :stare: 

Alright enough with the blablabla I've been doing a whole lot better lately and I am in a really good mood. 

Anyways I just received a beautiful commission today from a good friend of mine about my Black Butler yaoi OTP Ciel x Alois and it's an mpreg commission and what time is it? It is feature time! :iconlovesqueeplz: It deserves a feature because my friend worked really hard on it and I really love it like crazy! :iconblushesplz::iconsomuchluffplz: :blowkiss:

-- Ciel x Alois Mpreg Commission -- by Kaishiru

Ciel and Alois having children is just the most cutest and sweetest thing ever I just can't resist such a lovely moment like this I just really cannot keep my eyes off of this commission I'm so fricken obsessed with it! :iconasdfghplz: <3333

Alois being pregnant with Ciel's child is adorable and they do have children in my stuff I write about them so I couldn't resist such a beautiful and lovely pic like this. :heart: :blushes: 

This commission just really made my day a lot I just can't stop fangirling and squealing about it like crazy! :iconchuuplz: :squee: 

It's just so beautiful and breathtaking. :iconphappyblushplz: 

I hope you all are doing well and I wish you all well. I love you all so much! :heart: 

Have a good summer everyone! :iconaloisyayplz: 
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